Origin of 柔軟体操 "Junan Taiso" is back to
several hundreds of years ago in Japan that
Ninja developed the body conditioning routine
to improve the flexibility and strength in order
to maximize their athletic combat performance
and sustaining a good health.    

Later samurai period ("Edo" period), 柔軟体操
"Junan Taiso" was adopted by 侍“samurai”
(official combatants) as their body conditioning

After the Meiji Restoration in mid 16 century, 柔
軟体操 "Junan Taiso" was adopted by public
and commonly practicing in Japan even today
for a health and athletic activities for body
conditioning purpose.
About "柔軟体操 "Junan Taiso"
About 全徳 "ZeNDe" Stretch

ZeNDe Stretch is a one of柔軟体操 "Junan Taiso" which cultivated in Japan
and developed in United States for advanced body conditioning with
considering the effectiveness for modern health problems and conditioning
for an athlete.  Make your body in alignment and make it flexible from miner
joints to major joints with using decompressing technique with deep breathing.

.    Improve Blood Circulation to stimulate energy level.
.    Reduce Injuries from Sports and Accidents.
.    Ease lower Back pain
.    Prevent or ease Carpal Tunnel
.    Prevent or ease Shoulder problem.
.    Prevent or ease Hemorrhoids.
.    Improvement from Neck rotation problems.
.    Improvement from Shoulder rotation problems.
.    Better Sleep.
.    Stress Release.
.    Improve Posture.
.    Improvement of Hip rotation problems.
.    Improvement of Knee problem.

Perfect for athlete programs>
1.   Consistent maximum performance
2.   Recover from tiredness quicker
3.   Increase stamina
4.   Prevent & minimize injury.

Soccer / Foot Ball :          Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip, Back, Wrist and Neck
Tennis :                             Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Back, Wrist, Hand & Fingers
Golf:                                   Knee, Hip, Back, Shoulder, Back, Wrist and Hand
Motorcycle Racing:          Ankle, Hip, Back, Wrist, Hand and Neck
Hand Ball / Basket Ball:   Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Back, Wrist and Hand