Special Training for Soccer Player
Injuries are the enemy of any sports player.
An injury might sideline you permanently, no matter how strong or fitted you are.
Friday 7:15pm ~ 8:15pm      Special Training for Soccer Player       
1. ZeNDe Stretch    
-        Body Conditioning / Therapeutic Stretches  /   Improve Mobility  /  Injury Prevention

2. Contact Resistance Training
-        Strength Training from “Contacts” and knee protection

3. Kicking Training / Strength
-        Strengthen lower body  /  Learning Effective Kicking Technique

4. Strength Training
-        Legs / Abs / Arm / Back / Lower Body

5. Learn "How to Roll" (Protect wrists, arm, head, spine and hip from fall down)
-        How to roll forward and backward with minimum impacts

6. Ball Control  /  Better you become, confident you will be.

7. Shielding the Ball

Sunday 8:00am ~ 9:00am ZeNDe Stretch (Body Conditioning Stretch)
•        Mobility, Injury Prevention, Recover from Tiredness,
•        Carpal Tunnel, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip and Knee problem
•        Prevent or ease hemorrhoids
•        Release stress  •    Better sleep •  Improve posture

Fee:                $10.00 per class / $40.00 for 5 classes

Location:       Hard Core Fitness Studio
                    23600 Rockfield Blvd #2A, Lake Forest, CA 92630
Consistent Body Conditioning helps to bring

1) Highest performance ability
2) Increasing stamina
3) Recover from tiredness faster
4) Injury prevention or minimization