SOCCER (Football)
* Soccer Science
- Facts and Statistics
- Cause
* About Positions
- Responsibilities
- Required Skills
- Defense
- Offense
Hi Soccer Coaches, Players and Parents,

Are you frustrating for the game results and how the game has been?
How to progress the improvement in short period?  How to win the game?  

Use statistics to build strategies and basic game plan along with building individual skill set.
When you utilize the statistics, you will be able to lead to the good result faster.

Q1 For the goal keeper, why your punting ball is not received and controlled by own field players
successfully?  why?
Q2. What kind of pass is more successful than the other?   why?
Q3. What positioning has more chances to collect a ball and control ball?   why?
Q4. When team starts to get frustrating, how to control the team emotion?   How?

There are reasons for every cause. Let’s attack the issues with finding out the reason and
analyze why?, You will find the solution.

Soccer game is the science……
ZeNDe Fitness Soccer Training will help you to understand the basic Soccer Science that coach
and players can apply to develop improvement plan effectively and bring FASTER RESULT !!
* College Scholarship Advice
- When do you need to start the preparation?
- What needs to be prepared?
- How to get attention from college coaches?
Class 45min
Class 45min
(Material Included)
Class 45min      Fee...........$99.00
* Trainings  ( Individual or Group )
- Technical Training
- About Position
- Soccer Science

Class 1 hour / session      
4 sessions $40         8 sessions $70        12 sessions  $85

- Optional Programs
* Set Specific Improvement Plan
* Comprehensive Analysis
Come to your game and video tape, take photos to analyze your play.)
Group discount is available.
- Sprinting Technique
- Strength Training
- Timing