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1. Women's Self Defense and Awareness Class

1. Provide facts of crimes.
- How many times and what type of crimes were occurred in your city or neighbor cities in recent year.
(Violent Crime, Murder and non-negligent manslaughter, Forcible rape, Robbery, Aggravated                 
assault, Property crime, Burglary, Larceny-theft, Motor vehicle theft, Arson)
- Typical crime place, pattern of attack and common targets.

2. Practical Application 1.  (PDCT-Physical Defense Combat Technique practices)
- You are attacked from behind - you are grabbed from behind.
- Other tips for approaching to your car in the parking lot.

3. Practical Application 2.  (PDCT-Physical Defense Combat Technique practices)
- Encounter (face to face) to attacker 1.
– your arm is grabbed.
– your shoulder is grabbed.
– your hair is grabbed.

4. Preventive Awareness Tips for Women
- Awareness of danger.  "Increasing your awareness for your personal protection"
- Awareness for prevention.  "Increasing your knowledge for your personal protection"
- Other Physical Defense Tips.  "Increasing your physical defense technique for your personal protection"

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1. Women's & Teen Girls Self-Defense and Awareness Class

Session 1        Understanding of Crime Facts and Common Targets
Session 2        Practical Application 1 (Physical Defense)
Session 3        Practical Application 2 (Physical Defense)
Session 4        Preventive Awareness Tips

Class Schedule:                  Appointment base
Program Duration:               2 Hours 15 Minutes   + 2 PDCT classes (option)

Fee Schedule:                     $50.00 or $70.00                Per Family            

(Group discount available.)        
2. Continual Self-Defense Class

Weekly Program
Practice PDCT (Physical Defense Combat Techniques)

Class Schedule:               Friday 7:00pm ~ 8:00pm at Studio
Appointment base

Fee:        $50.00 / family  (4 Classes )            (Group discount available)
2. Continual Self-Defense Class

Weekly Program
1. Lean and Practice PDCT (Physical Defense Combat Techniques)   

PDCT Practice => Offer Hands on Practice for many situation.

- Beginner
- Intermediate
- Advanced

2. Awareness Tips

We liked the techniques that you covered , and also to learn about the statistics in our area ................... By N & M Noruz
You are most likely to be attacked during transitions, when you go from your car to work or
work to your home, walking to the parking lot, taking out the trash, public restroom, or jogging
down the road. Transitions may increase your risks but are necessary parts of life. Most
attackers are men who are physically stronger than women. These men are looking to grab a
woman and quickly move her to a second, secluded location or get away easily after attack
where they don't have to worry about getting caught.  Your house is also not safe either.
Women & Girls
Self-Defense and Awareness Class
3. Self Defense & Awareness Class for Youth Program

Crime Facts
- Your city / Neighbor City
(Kidnap, Sex Offenders in Town, Burglar, etc.)

Preventive Awareness Tip & Actions
- Home safe
- Walking on the street
- At School / School activities
- Cloth
- Internet Safe

Physical Defense Technique
- Best Defensive Position
- Effective Self Defense Technique

At your place.


At the Hard Core Fitness Studio
23600 Rockfield Blvd #2A, Lake Forest, CA 92630

At your place.


At Hard Core Fitness Studio
23600 Rockfield Blvd #2A,
Lake Forest, CA 92630
(214) 662-8287    
3. Youth Program

Preventive Awareness Tip for Youth
Practice PDCT (Physical Defense Combat Techniques)

Class Schedule:               3 Days (4 Classes)        Studio or At Your Place
Appointment base

Fee:        $70.00 / family                   (Group discount available)