* Often management set unrealistic expectations to employees.

* Often company set the one sided expectation to employees.

* Often company can not offer the next level of position due to no open position, and lose the good employee.

* Often company leave the hiring decision to inexperienced lower level manager.

* Often company leave the hiring decision to each department without considering or providing the strategic
personnel planning.

* In the corporate world, promotion is often not by true business performance of individual...
Often picked by manager’s personal preference and convenience.

* Often considered seniority rule for someone's security.

* What is high turn over cost for company?
- ASTerrace Program will give you an opportunity to understand and organize the key elements to set
the corporate personnel strategy.

- Personnel is a mirror of management style and corporate culture lead by management.

- Company is built by employees.

- Setting good Personnel Strategy is a Key For Success for the company.
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