* Every business has certain way conducting the business.

* Every business has decision making point.

* Every business are involved by multiple parties.

* What is the "A Deal" means?

* Satisfaction is the driver of endurance and continuity.

* Process is the vehicle of the improvements of effectiveness and efficiencies.
ASTerrace Program will give you an opportunity to understand and organize the key elements to
capture the businesses effectively.

ASTerrace has developed
APME-R Success Business Cycle Management based on over 20 years of
success proven records in the domestic and international business field.  We teach effective alignment
and continual improvement business management technique.

PDCA is the good entry level of business cycle formulas.
APME-R is the effective business cycle
management for advanced Business professionals.
ASTerrace Business Leadership
APME-R      Successful Business Cycle Management (Sales & Marketing)
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