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ASTerrace is the place for the individual or families who desire to improve the quality of life.  
(parenting, relationship, physical health, mental health, business development, networking )
ASTerrace  (ASTerrazzo / ASTerrase)
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Parenting / Marriage / Friendship - Relationship management (with your children, spouse, your friend and Co-Workers.
ASTerrace Character Development Program.   
Your relationship with other will be transformed to deeper, happier and stronger than before.
We mentor principal and give opportunities to apply the knowledge for happiness and good relationship through the  program.
Health Care
Other Services
Martial Arts & Fitness / Character Development Program
Friday 7:00pm Class
- Develop Discipline, Appreciation, Leadership, Communications, Relationship, etc.
Learning PDCT (Physical Defence Combat Techniques) = MMA (Judo, Karate, Shorinji Kempo)
- Fit Better & Get Better !!  Prevent Carpal Tunnel, Hemorrhoids, Back Pain, Improve Posture, etc.
Strength Training / Balancing / Coordination
Martial Arts & Fitness
Oxygenate Your Body”  ZeNDe Stretch
Sunday 8:00am Class  /    Friday 7:00pm Class
Therapeutic Stretches – For Spine, Hip Rotation, Knee, Wrist, Hemmorhoids……..
Physical Therapy Doctor said that this stretches are very effective.  Good for all ages.
Effective Running (Sprinting) Improvement Class  
"After my son took this class, noticeably improved sprinting speed.
(So far 29 athletes has taken classes including High School Track & Field Athlete)
ZeNDe Stretch
Body Conditioning & Injury Prevention Program for Athletes
Sunday 8:00am Class  /    Friday 7:00pm Class  
Injuries are the enemy of any sports player.    An injury might sideline you permanently.        
Let’s learn how to prevent and minimize injuries !
600+ attendees to this class.